AKINA Community Church

Welcome to
AKINA Communty Church
AKINA is an Ojibwe word for “everyone”. At Akina
 Community Church everyone is welcome; all ages,
cultures and backgrounds. We gather every week to
do what is difficult to do on our own and that is to
honor our Creator by giving our full attention (our
mind, heart & soul) to Him. We were never meant to
walk this trail alone but together. It is our desire that
Akina would be a place where you can connect with
God and others on this journey. We meet every
Sunday 10:45am. We look forward to meeting you.
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Speech Writer

Read Leviticus 19:1 through 21:24

Kathleen is a speech writer. She takes the ideas and key words of politicians, and turns them into appropriate comments. As she writes, she thinks of words for the ears instead of words for the eyes. Words to be heard, not words to be read. Kathleen takes into consideration the audience and the main points needing to be made.

Moses received instructions from a speech writer. The sermon’s summary was short and direct. The specific information was from God to His people.

“Speak to the entire assembly of Israel and say to them: ‘Be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy’ ” (Leviticus 19:2).

To the entire nation, Moses served as God’s presenter. Some of the speeches were lengthy. Some were brief. Many provided many details.

The key takeaway from this verse is for God’s people to be holy. The reason is also given—not just because holiness is a better fit for life, but to be like God—the One who was and is holy.

Prayer Suggestion: Dear God, help me learn to honor Your holiness each day of my life.

Quicklook: Leviticus 19:1–4

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